The sick woman and the mean boss

Dedicated to my wife’s constant battle with her employer


Once upon a time there was a woman who worked for a private school.  She had to teach everyday from midday to midnight.  Her boss always told her she needs to work harder and faster and for more hours.  She worked so hard she got sick.  You and I know that if you are sick you should stay home but her boss said “No you must work more.”  So the woman had to work even harder to try and stay home.  She tried to ring up people for help but they were all too busy to help.  This made the boss happy.  Her boss wanted her employees to be sick because they were so easy to control.  They were so easy to boss around and they never fought back.  This is why every month she had a meeting where employees came from all the different schools to meet in one room.  They did team building exercises like coughing in each others’ face and sneezing on hands and shaking other people’s hands.  She even told them not to wash their hands after going to the toilet.  She then told them to do it to all their students so that their students were too sick to quit the school.  The sick woman went back from her meeting sick and shook all her students’ hands after sneezing on it and made them all sick because her boss had told her too.  All her students got sick but they had to come to school because their parents were sick too and wanted some rest.  They couldn’t fight back and just did what they were told.  The sick teacher was still sick though and really wanted time off.   She realized she needed to fight even though she was sick.  She went to her boss’ office and sneezed all over her computer; coughed all over the telephone; went to the toilet and then wiped her hands all over the boss’ chair.  The next week her boss was sick.  The sick woman asked her boss if she could have time to rest.  The boss was so sick that she couldn’t say no and the sick woman was able to finally get some rest.



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