Getting our infant to eat

As the title suggests we’ve had difficulty getting our infant to eat. We had tried a wide range of things to no avail. This week we tried something  new and it seems to be working. Firstly we bought a whole dinning set with our girl’s favourite character Anpanman on it. Now she always wants to use them and happily says ‘Anpanman’ while eating. The second thing we did was buy a toy food set. The set was the cheapest thing I could find and consists of a plastic frying pan and a range of plastic food. I never had anything like this as a child and didn’t even think that it would be a fun thing to have. Since buying it though it has proven to be our daughter’s favourite toy. She is now always ‘frying’ things in the pan and chewing away on the fake waffle. The final thing we did was a two in one combo. We served her very small amounts of food and praised her mightily when she finished it. Usually she asks for more so we give her a tiny bit more and when she’s finished that we keep on praising her eating.  These things seem to have worked for our girl as she’s been eating better now then in months. 


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