A question that’s bugged me for thirteen years

It may seem odd to you that a question would bug me for so long. Perhaps it’s not so much that the question bugged me but that my answer at the time was so terrible. Yes, this is more about regret that I didn’t answer properly. So this blog entry is about trying to give the answer I should have given. The question was given at our grade twelve valedictory camp. At least I think it was a valedictory camp. It could have just been a camp. The question was What can we do to improve school spirit? At the time the question was a little offensive to me. I gave some smart arse joke answer instead of a real answer. At the time it had annoyed me because it was asked by a P.E. teacher so I assumed he was asking why aren’t people into sports day and swimming day?

The thing of it is that looking back my reaction was valid. School spirit is a very vague term. How can you measure school spirit? How do you know when you’re school has it or not? I guess you could do a survey. Perhaps that’s what they should have done. Found out what the whole population thinks instead of just the grade twelves. Looking back, it’s also a very important question. Not in terms of how can we get people more interested in sports days and so on. That’s not school spirit. It’s a result of it. What is school spirit? It really comes down to knowing you are going to a good school and being appreciative of the fact. It’s kind of similar to national pride. There are two types of national pride. The type where your government tells you how good your country is and the kind where you experience how good your country is. My school was like the first kind. We were always being told how great the school was but since none of us had anything to compare it to it didn’t really mean anything. If you want to boost school spirit or school pride it’s all about the experience the student has. Maybe you can’t make everyone happy but if the majority is you will get high school spirit.



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