Think yourself better

I would never call myself a Buddhist due to the centuries of baggage accrued. Buddhism now is a far cry from what it’s origin much the way most religions go. That said the fundamental idea behind Buddhism appeals to me. That is that reality is shaped by your perception of it. That your thoughts change the reality around you. That if you can improve your thought processes you can improve your reality. This appeals to me. Forget all that Buddhist monk stuff. Forget the life of vegetarian chastity. That’s not what Buddhism is meant to be about. It’s meant to be about sitting down and thinking yourself to a better you.

For example, the other night I was thinking about the phrase I just want to …. A simple phrase people use regularly. Think about the meaning behind it though. Think about what you are thinking when you think that. I just want to …. implies that you are currently in a situation where you can’t do the thing you want. If you are doing something fun and you are thinking I just want to have fun. You won’t enjoy yourself no matter how crazily fun whatever you are doing is. So I decided to better my life that thought is now stricken from the records. You may wonder what this has to do with thinking yourself better. Language is our means to express our perspective on reality. The way you talk and write goes hand in hand with your thought process.

I’ll keep on thinking myself better, ensuring that any thought process that brings me misfortune is removed. The opposite is true to. Those thought processes that make you happier should be repeated. You shape your reality so shape it to your liking.


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