Time and parenting

Single people think they don’t have time. They always mention how busy they are. I’m sure there are some busy single people out there. Every time some single mentions to me that they don’t have any time I laugh. Oh sure  when I was single. I was under the impression that I was busy too. Looking back though I wasted hours on television and computer games thinking after my hard days work I deserved some downtime. Being a parent though time becomes a desperate commodity. Every spare moment you try to fill with something meaningful. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. As a single I had tonnes of time to write but didn’t. As a parent I have barely in time to write but fill any moment with it. The question do i sleep or write always comes up. More often then not sleep wins. So to those single people out there. Quit procrastinating. Use your time well. To the parents out there I recommend getting good at time management while being prepared to throw that timetable out the window.



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