Toilet Training – What we did

So we’ve been toilet training our little two year old for a while now. It’s been reasonably successful. accidents still occur but generally our girl is good. So what did we do?

1. Made the toilet an interesting place. I covered the walls with paper and drew pictures for her. Every time she sat on the toilet i would draw a new picture or stamped her hand

2. Bought her pants when we started the training; this may seem counter intuitive but by getting her pants we were preparing her for the next step. Of course she still wet the pants but the discomfort of having wet pants gave her incentive to go to the toilet.

3. Went to the toilet with her. Infants mimic adults. If they never see us using the toilet then why would they go. We have to model the behaviour. Show her it’s all normal.

4. reassured her when she had an accident. It’s counter productive to yell at a kid for peeing themselves. This is just common sense

5. Read her kids books about going to the toilet.

6. took her to the toilet after she had an accident, cleaned her up and sat her down on the toilet. It’s an opportunity to get her used to what you are meant to do in the toilet.

I’m sure there are other things we did that I haven’t recalled. Our girl isn’t perfect about the toilet but she gets the idea. That’s the main thing anyway.


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