Value for money when buying food

So my wife and I are by no means rich, although i wouldn’t call us poor. We are comfortable. One value that we both agree on is good food is better value. My wife in particular gets depressed when she feels she wasted money on a meal she could have cooked better at home. So that’s what this blog is about. Value for money when buying food.

When it comes to smart phones and computers people don’t mind paying extra for good quality. That’s why I-phones are so popular. You may pay an extra two hundred for it but you feel like you have bought something that will last and is better than the competition. Likewise with apple computers. In this department I’m happy to go for a cheaper computer that meets my needs. Food is a different matter though.

Take two restaurants. One restaurant costs an extra five dollars. Both restaurants serve the same type of food but the cheaper one is lower quality. In my experience many people will go to the cheaper restaurant and comment about how much better the restaurant is than the other one because it’s cheaper. From my perspective though the cheaper restaurant is in fact more expensive. We will often lament the waste of money and wish we’d gone to the slightly more expensive restaurant. Why? It is a better meal which makes it better value. It’s a meal we couldn’t have just cooked up at home. We go home happy we had the meal and are even happier to have some leftovers for the next night. After all that is the point of eating out. To get something that you can’t just cook and enjoy good food.


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