(not) Getting a book published

I’ve recently finished writing a novel I’d like to get published. I’ve sent it off to a bunch of publishers and agents and now I’m just waiting. Publishers and agents generally say they’ll take at least six weeks to get back to you if they actually do. So what’s a writer to do? Keep on writing. I’ve reached the realisation that you can’t just sit on the one novel waiting for someone to decide it’s great. Finish it, edit it, pass it to friends to read, edit it some more, send it to a publisher or an agent (making sure it’s one that doesn’t charge fees because agents aren’t meant to charge fees, they work on commission) then move on. Don’t bother waiting for their response. It’ll drive you crazy. Start your next project. Repeat. Write long enough and your writing will become so smooth and easy that you’ll eventually get published. It’s the long game.



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