Why the Rick and Morty episode ‘Big trouble in little Sanchez’ is actually really insightful

For anyone who doesn’t watch Rick and Morty it’s an adult swim sci-fi cartoon with usually quite thought provoking story-lines. I’ll admit it’s probably not for everyone but it’s a show that I really dig. One of the recent episodes, named Big Trouble in Little Sanchez was quite a surprise for me.

In the episode the mum and dad of the show go to an alien marriage counselor who uses state of the art technology to manifest the couple’s subconscious representation of the other. The premise shows the misconceptions of the other partner as horrible monsters who then proceed to try and kill each other. Obviously it’s taking the idea to it’s extreme but there is a little bit of truth to it. We do end up having misconceptions of the people in our life. Each misconception can skew the way we view a person until we have something that looks nothing like the original. The episode provoked me to dig deep and have a closer look at my thoughts and feelings towards my loved ones. It’s important to make sure that you aren’t being unfair to the ones you love. That what you think isn’t creating a monster in your mind where there isn’t one.




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