Goliath Tactica: Combat Shotguns, rivet cannons or Grenade Launchers

Necromunda 2017

Before putting together my Goliath gang I poured over the weapons rules making sure that I built the models the way I truly wanted them. I thing came up repeatedly. Was the rivet cannon worth it considering the gang has access to combat shotguns and grenade launchers.


Let’s look at the rivet cannon. It gives you either strength 4 rapid fire or strength 6 blaze at 70 credits.  That’s right 70, not the 130 that the picture above says. Rapid fire gives you a 1 in 6 chance of 3 shots, 1 in 2 chance of one shot and a 1 in 3 chance of 2 shots. Reasonable odds. As for the strength 6 blaze well that’s only one shot but the blaze means that if they manage to survive a strength 6 hit then they can still catch on fire.

So why question it? Sounds good so far. Relatively cheap, lots of shots or a solid high strength shot. There are two drawbacks which make the combat shotgun or the grenade launcher a better choice. The first drawback in range. The rivet cannon has a lower range than a pistol. In the tunnels this isn’t such an issue but put it on a 3D map and that range is really going to happen your ability. The second drawback is that it counts as a heavy weapon and is unwieldy. That means that only champions and leaders can take it.

combat shotgun

If there weren’t alternatives then I would just suck it up and take one. The thing that makes this a bit of a no brainer for me is that there are two alternatives to the krumper that makes it pointless to get one. First up is the combat shotgun. If you want strength 4 rapid fire shots this one has you covered with a better range. Sure it’s still not a long range weapon but it makes a difference. What’s more it’s 10 credits cheaper. It also has the scattershot secondary option which could make for a good area clearer with it’s template shot.

Speaking of templates the other alternative is the grenade launcher. You may be thinking, sure i can get the combat shotgun for the rapid fire but what about the high strength shot. This is where the grenade launcher comes in. It has the high strength one shot option but at a much greater range, almost tripling that of the rivet cannon. Surely though the grenade launcher would be more expensive than the rivet cannon I hear you think very loudly. Not the case, it’s cheaper than both the combat shotgun and the rivet cannon at 55 credits. So I know what I’m spamming, combat shotguns and grenade launchers.

Then again, maybe I’m missing something. Maybe there is some niche that the rivet cannon fills that I haven’t found yet. Tell me what you think in the comments. Are you going to take a rivet cannon or is it just too expensive to justify.

If you want to see what Games Workshop said about all this here is their Goliath Tactica thread.


Goliath Tactica: Combat Shotguns, rivet cannons or Grenade Launchers」への2件のフィードバック

  1. If you are spamming weapons in Necromunda, you are playing it wrong. It’s not a competitive game, and never has been. Rule of cool is all that matters, and the Rivet Cannon is cool.

    • Thank you for commenting, I don’t believe I was actually encouraging spamming weapons. My comments were more to do with considering how much credits I have, I can only purchase so many weapons. Of the three expensive weapons I preferred both the combat shotgun and the grenade launcher to the rivet cannon. Therefore I purchased combat shotguns and grenade launchers and left out the rivet cannon in favour of being able to field ten gang members from the start.



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