Wednesday adult class weeks 2 and 3 July 2018

Week 2

Yes / No Questions in the present simple

What is a yes/no question?

A yes / no question is a question where the answer is usually yes or no.

for example: Are you a student at Rising Sun English School?

What is the present simple?

Present simple is used to talk about habits, daily activities, facts, and things you do regularly.

For example

I wake up at around 6 am everyday.

I make breakfast for my family everyday.

I am from Australia.

Nishikori Kei plays tennis.

What is a yes / no question in the simple present?

A yes / no question in the simple present is usually asking a question about your daily activities or about facts.

For example:

Are you a student at Rising Sun English School?

Am I from Australia?

How we do it:

Using the verb be

The verb be in the present simple: is, am, are

It means =.

“I am a student.” means I = student.

How do I make it into a question?

you = student?

Are you a student?

you = on vacation?

Are you on vacation?

They = from Thailand?

Are they from Thailand?

How we do it:

Using other verbs

What is a verb?

A verb is an action word such as run, jump, live, work, etc.

What is the action in this sentence:

I drive to work.

If you said work you are wrong. In this case work is a noun. It means the place I work.

Drive is the action.

How do I make it a question?

We don’t say:

Are you drive to work?

You need to use the help verb do / does.

Do you drive to work?

Does he spend time online?

Do I attend Japanese classes?

In these cases we can just add do or does to the front of the sentence and add a question mark.

Now try the exercises in Stretch 1 page 10 and the grammar on page 83.

Week 3

Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

p 11 of stretch 1.

This reading looks at the results of a class survey. The class had 20 students in it. Read the results and decide if the class is healthy or not.

Now answer the questions yourself.

Are you healthy?

Let’s discuss the survey questions:

Do you think 8 hours is too much sleep?

Do you think it is ok to spend more than three hours a day using a computer or watching TV?

Do you think that you don’t have to walk to work to be a healthy person?

Brainstorm some things you do that are healthy and unhealthy then fill in the gaps D page 11



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