Adult English Class Sample Lesson: Telling a story

Can you match the following words with the following pictures?

taxi (verb) arrive (verb) odd (adjective)
crawl (verb) during (preposition) take off (verb)
airline (noun) settle in (phrasal verb) realise (verb) [realize]

Can you match it to the meaning?

  1. when a plane is going up into the air
  2. when a plane is driving on the ground
  3. the opposite of even, when something doesn’t match the others, strange
  4. a company that specialises in transporting people by plane to other places
  5. babies do this to move around
  6. refers to doing something in a period of time
  7. when you suddenly know or understand something you didn’t a moment ago
  8. when you get to a place
  9. make yourself comfortable

We are about to do a reading, what do you think the topic is about?

Making a timeline can be a good way to understand the events of a story you are reading or to help tell a story. Read the following story and put the events on a timeline.



Now it’s your turn.

Think of something that happened to you and make notes on a timeline.


Once you are finished you can write the story out. Use words like when, while and during to talk about things happening at the same time. Use past simple and past continuous to make the story more interesting to read.



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