Making Eye Contact when presenting

Middle level English Adult Class week 3 August 2018

The goal of this lesson was to practice giving eye contact and why it is important.

The members of the class had to give a speech in front of their group. Every time they looked at a team mate that person would raise their arm.

What followed was a discussion about how the audience members felt when the presenter made eye contact.

Everyone in the class felt happier and more engaged with the speech when the presenter made eye contact with them. They also felt the presenter was more interesting and passionate about the speech.

We followed this by discussing how the presented felt.

As the presented they felt more comfortable and relaxed as they made eye contact with the audience. It made them feel happier and more connected. It felt less like they were giving a speech and more like they were talking.

The conclusion was that making eye contact improved your presenting by making a greater connection between you and the audience.


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