Upper Adult Class Week 3 August 2018

Today’s lesson was a viewing lesson from Stretch 3 unit 2 tilted A Young Mayor.

Before viewing we looked at the following vocabulary:

mayor (noun) the person elected as the head of a town.

Image result for mayor

concentrate (verb)  focus all your attention on an activity

Image result for concentrate


Image result for campaign

(noun) 1. (political) a series of actions taken by a politician to win an election

2. (military) a series of actions taken in one area of a war to gain an advantage.

(verb) work in an organised way towards a goal

stack up against(verbal phrase)stacks up.jpg

Make a comparison between similar things. For example how do the phones stack up against each other?

cat litter (noun)

Image result for cat litter

The stuff you put in the cat tray.

garbage (noun)

Image result for garbage

Stuff you throw away, don’t want anymore.

UK English tends to use the word rubbish while US English tends to use garbage or trash

When watching a video, take special note of time markers to understand when things are occurring in a story.

Some common time markers are:

now, soon, next, when, while

Now watch the video and answer these questions:

Has he been elected as mayor?

Has he finished high school?

Is he mayor now?

Does he have an office in his house?

Does he play a musical instrument?



Watch again and answer the following questions:

How many people voted?

How much will he be paid?

What does he want to study?



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