Talking about preferences

What do you like?

What do you enjoy?

What don’t you like?

What do hate?

What’s your answer to those questions?

What’s the difference between something you like and something you enjoy? Or are they the same?

What’s the difference between something you hate and something you don’t like?

Can you finish the following sentences?

I enjoy . . .

I love . . .

I like . . .

I don’t like . . .

I dislike . . .

I am interested in . .  .

I hate . .  .

I prefer . . .

I can’t stand . . .

What type of words did you write after it?

Here’s some examples:

I enjoy reading in my free time.

I love curry.

I don’t like natto.

All of these words are nouns. Notice that we don’t use a/an/the.

Do you know what can’t stand and prefer mean?

If you can’t stand something it means you hate it so much that nothing would convince you to do it. You can also use it to describe situations that really annoy you.

Such as:

I can’t stand long pointless meetings. A short pointless meeting is OK, I can stand that, but a long one. No way.

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Prefer is discussing liking one thing over another thing.

for example:

I prefer Thai curries to Indian curries.

Image result for thai curry

I wish there was a Thai restaurant in my town.

Now go back to that list of sentences using enjoy, like, don’t like, dislike, prefer, can’t stand, am interested in, hate etc.

Can you give a reason why?

If you can, find someone to talk to, ask them about their preferences and ask for a reason why?

If you don’t know anyone, go back to your list of sentences and write the reason for each one. Imagine you have to convince someone.



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