Friday Adult Class September 21st 2018

Today we were studying too, too many, too much, enough and not enough to express opinions.

Here are some examples:

TV shows are too violent for children.

(the shows have more violence then I like especially for children)

There is too much violence on TV.

(Same as above)

There are too many variety shows on TV in Japan.

(There are more variety shows then necessary)

There are not enough documentaries on TV.

(there are some documentaries but I want to watch more)

There are enough movies to fill a cargo tanker.

(there are so many movies that if i put them all in one place I would fill a cargo tanker)

Do you agree with any of these sentences? What’s your opinion?

What’s the difference between the words after too, too much and too many?

What do you think?

Make a too and enough sentence for each one. They can be positive opinions too.

For example:

I like uniforms, I think they are fashionable enough and they aren’t too expensive.

fast food


household pets

school uniforms

public transportation

online dating

video games




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