Presenting and Pausing

Wednesday Adult Class week 4 September 2018

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Pauses in paragraphs:

Focus questions:

What is a pause?

Why do we pause?

When do we pause?

A pause is a short stop while speaking.

It’s usually a moment to take a breath.

The most common time to pause is at the end of the sentence or when there is a comma (a comma is this: ,).

Pauses in Presentations:

Focus question:

What other reason do we pause during presentation?

We pause during presentations to help people understand what you said.

A long pause during your presentation can help people understand you better.

You should do a long pause after a joke, after a very important idea, after a sentence that is difficult to understand.

It gives them a chance to think about what you said. We call this “giving it time to sink in.”

The topic for our presentation this unit is: What are you doing these days?

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For example:

Where are you living?

Where are you working?

What are you doing at work?

Where are you studying?

What are you studying?

What are you doing for fun?

Who do you spend time with?


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