English Resources Book Review Part 2

Presenting the Oxford Reading Tree

The oxford reading tree is a fantastic reading resource for kindergarten to the end of elementary school. The series follows Chip, Biff and Kipper’s family. Most of the stories are short everyday family events with a little joke at the end. The humour is British humour so I have often had my students puzzled by the joke but they always want to read more. The early stages of the series are very repetitive and easy to read. This helps build the students confidence as they recognise the reading pattern for the story. Parents who don’t have much English ability but still want their children to learn english can read these to their kids without much difficulty. As the levels get higher there are more sentences added progressing the students’ reading naturally.

There are a lot of additional resources for teachers. My favourite extra is that you can get the series in big book format for a reasonable price. This makes for a good in class reading activity. You can get reading packs for a reasonable price. Or you can bulk the first six books from each level in two batches:



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