English Resource Recommendations part 3

Usborne See Inside How Things Work

Do your children want to know how everything works? This is the book for you.

Usborne publishing’s book See Inside How Things Work is a fantastic book for helping your child understand how daily objects work. It focuses on five simple inventions that can be found in almost every invention: the wheel, the screw, the wedge, the lever and the inclined plane. Each page is dedicated to a different group of inventions including waterworks; musical instruments; cars and trucks; and flying to name a few. The book does a fantastic job of explaining how simple machines work to make complex systems.

The book is aimed at ages six and older which means that the language is quite simple but can entertain much older children as well. I have personally used this book in my kindergarten and elementary school classes to great success. While they may have only understood half the words they simple diagrams and wording meant they could still get a feel for what was being said. Even the older children learnt things they did not know.

The book is part of a larger series called lift-the-flap books. The whole series covers a wide range of non-fiction and fictional topics. If your children wants to know how something works there is a book in this series for them. With over one hundred and fifty books ranging from space, your body, and dinosaurs to the water cycle, jobs, and the Roman empire.

The books are easy to access aimed mostly at children from the age of 5 but have enough information information to easily keep older children entertained. This also means that the book is appropriate for English language learners too.

If you want to spark your children’s curiosity. Or if your child is already curious about the world and asks a lot of why questions this book and perhaps the whole series is for you.



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