Book Recommendations part 4

Ladybird Readers Peppa Pig



Peppa Pig is a long running TV show which I also recommend to English language learners as each episode is only about five minutes and it’s easy to understand the story. The actors are also all well spoken, so if you follow their pronunciation then you will do well for yourself.

Enough about the TV show. This article is to talk about the ladybird reader series’ adaption of the peppa pig episodes. I recommend these books for a number of reasons. First, you can read the book and then watch the episode of TV. It’s a great way to help second language learners follow the spoken English. Second, The ladybird reader series always includes a picture dictionary of the words in the book to help your child or student learn how to read that word. Third, peppa pig’s design and storylines are enjoyable for children. I am yet to meet a child who isn’t taken in but the character design or the storytelling.

The Ladybird reader series is good in general. It also includes a range of fairytale adaptions and other famous stories. Since it is a reader series it means that they have leveled the language used. Starting from level one you can quickly build up your reading skills. In addition, ladybird publishing also offers a lot of teaching resources to go along with this series so if you are a teacher you can safe yourself a lot of time and effort.

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