My favourite things

Favourite means number 1 in your opinion.

It is similar to the word like but it is asking for your best pick.

For example:

What food do you like?

Can have a range of answers.

What is your favourite food?

Should only have one answer.

Some people do answer with more than one thing but the main idea is there is only one answer.

Let’s look at the structure:

My favourite food is curry.

We use the personal possessive with favourite.

for example:

I – my favourite

you – your favourite

He – his favourite

she – her favourite

we – our favourite

they – their favourite

it – its favourite

Look at the mind map:


You can ask any number of questions with favourite.

For example:

What’s your favourite movie genre?

It’s science fiction.

What’s your favourite fictional book?

Too difficult, my favourite author is Philip K Dick but I can’t choose which of his books I like the most.

What’s your favourite superhero comic?

I’m not really into superhero comics. I love batman though. I also like X-men.

What’s your favourite wild animal?

My favourite wild animal would have to be a tiger.

What’s your favourite pet?

Well, I’ve only ever had cats.

What’s your favourite animation TV series?

The Simpsons.


The Be Verb

Middle school class week 1 of June 2018


I often teach the be verb as equals.

for example;

Ichi is one.

ichi = one

Using the be verb with I, you, we, they, she, he, it.

I am

You are

We are

They are

She is

He is

It is

We use are for nouns that are a group of something.

We use is for a noun that is singular

We use am for I

“You” is a special case. It can be singular and plural. So we use are.