Week 1 July 2018 Wednesday Adult Class

Wednesday Adult Class

Stretch 1 Unit 2


Listen to the following phone conversation between a man and a woman.


Why did the man phone the woman?

Listen again


Where do they live?

How do they travel to work?

Reading Stretch 1 Unit 2 page 9

Asking follow up questions

When you have a conversation use follow up questions to get more information and continue the conversation.

Ask your partner:

Do you ____ to work? (eg, drive, walk, take the train, etc)

Continue the conversation for as long as you can using follow up questions.

June 20th and 26th Wednesday Adult Class

The topic for the new unit is Daily Life.

I asked the question:

What do you do in your daily life. We made the following mind map:


We learnt the new words for the unit and did the following listening activity:


Finally I asked students to predict how people would answer a question using the following table:

Question Person Prediction Answer
How do you get to work?
What time do you get up?
Do you want to have dinner with me this week?
What sports do you like to play?
You spend a lot of time online don’t you?