Holiday Camp Information

Rising Sun English School is now offering an intensive English camp. Going for between five and ten days, depending on your preference, you and no less than ten other people can enjoy daily English lessons in the morning and exciting tours in the afternoon. This course is for all levels from ages ten to one hundred.

In our teaching program we use CELTA trained English teachers and only the best textbooks. To make sure you are in the right level we use the European common framework level guides. Every morning we teach two one and a half hour lessons a day. This kind of intensive language course can really speed up your learning.

As for the activities, we’ve sourced a ranged of exciting local activities from famous tourist locations to places only the locals would know about. We’ll post a more indepth look at the type of activites we’ve taken our students on in future posts.

If you and your group are interesting in our camp don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll around a good time for you.