Toilet Training – What we did

So we’ve been toilet training our little two year old for a while now. It’s been reasonably successful. accidents still occur but generally our girl is good. So what did we do?

1. Made the toilet an interesting place. I covered the walls with paper and drew pictures for her. Every time she sat on the toilet i would draw a new picture or stamped her hand

2. Bought her pants when we started the training; this may seem counter intuitive but by getting her pants we were preparing her for the next step. Of course she still wet the pants but the discomfort of having wet pants gave her incentive to go to the toilet.

3. Went to the toilet with her. Infants mimic adults. If they never see us using the toilet then why would they go. We have to model the behaviour. Show her it’s all normal.

4. reassured her when she had an accident. It’s counter productive to yell at a kid for peeing themselves. This is just common sense

5. Read her kids books about going to the toilet.

6. took her to the toilet after she had an accident, cleaned her up and sat her down on the toilet. It’s an opportunity to get her used to what you are meant to do in the toilet.

I’m sure there are other things we did that I haven’t recalled. Our girl isn’t perfect about the toilet but she gets the idea. That’s the main thing anyway.

At one year and four month my daughter does . . .

A very short rant and then all the things that amaze me about my daughter

Whenever someone asks me about my daughter the only question they ever ask is “Can she walk?” as if this is the benchmark for all achievement.  It annoys me because there are a whole bunch of things my daughter does that absolutely amazes me everyday.

My daughter  . . .

crawls and furniture walks absolutely everywhere with wanton glee.  I assume she doesn’t walk because crawling is just so awesome.

talks a lot.  Mostly the syllable da and ba but she talks most of the time.  At kindergarten she has conversations in baby talk with other babies

loves to turn on light switches and press whatever button there is.

holds and drinks out of a glass or cup (we had a bottle for her but she never took to it.  She just wanted to drink out of a cup)

Pours a drink from one glass to another (Usually leading to disaster)

Will sit in the front seat of the car without moving or jumping around.

knows how to turn the vacuum cleaner on and starts trying to vacuum the floor.  She vacuums the same spot but it still amazes me that she not only does this but wants to.

knows where the biscuits are kept

can open and close sliding doors

can turn the handle of the toilet door and open it (it’s a pull down handle.  the thing that amazes me about this is the door opens out so she has to turn the handle and move out of the way before pulling the door open)

Stands on tippie toes to reach the door knob and tries to turn it.  Thankfully she can’t yet.

knows how to open the car door.  She can’t do it but she knows where the handle is and tries to pull it.  Only a matter of time.

knows that you blow your nose into a tissue (this is really cute)

cleans her teeth and knows that you’ve got to put toothpaste on the brush (she is very insistent about this)

bang my head against the stove light switch to turn the light off.  (odd but yes she can do this.  She grabs me by the back of the neck and pushes forward.  It’s cute but also kinda mean.)

when she spills something if there is a tissue or towel nearby she’ll get it and clean up the spill.

Picks up rubbish and puts it in the bin (this one blows my mind)

claps her hands whenever a piece of music begins.

High fives people

head bangs whenever a piece of music she really likes comes on.  (actually that was a few months ago, now it’s moving her head from side to side)

climbs up onto the table by climbing onto the chair

climbs up slides at the park

climbs up stairs

go down a slide on her own face first and not hurt herself (It’s ridiculously cute and a little scary but she does it)

feeds herself by hand, fork or spoon

feeds other people

do stuff on computers and phones that I didn’t know you could do (you’d be surprised what you can do by button mashing, she once made my friends computer hotkey only so that every single key was a hotkey to something else.  We couldn’t figure out how to fix it or how she did it because we couldn’t look it up on the net.  We put her back on it, she banged some keys and it went back to normal.)

scroll pictures on the phone

flush the toilet (she isn’t potty trains just knows what the flush does)

cleans the toilet with the toilet brush (actually we discourage this because it creates more mess)

use a broom

use a spade

make snorty pig noises, fart noises, and the native american war cry (is it a war cry? I don’t know, I’m not American)

climb into the front seat of the car from the back.

climb the chair to get to the electronic piano, turn it on and then press the demo button.  There are three demo buttons but she only ever picks the first one)

open drawers and cupboards

unscrew the caps off the kerosene (this isn’t so good)

Play hide and seek with the cat.  (the cat is really into this.  It gets put out if we don’t try and find it.)

There are probably more I haven’t thought of.  Perhaps I’ll update this in a few days time.  I never cease to be amazed by my daughter and I hope that other parents out there are similarly amazed by their children.  It doesn’t matter in what order your child does something or if other children can do something your child can’t.  What matters is that every day your child is learning something and will add to his or her list of things they can do.