In the moment but out of the moment

Some people say you should live life in the moment.  It’s bad advice really because sometimes the moment sucks and if you are only in the moment then you can’t see any time when it isn’t sucking.  Of course when those people say live life in the moment they usually mean to find whatever happiness there is in each moment and not worry about the future or the past.  I am often living in the moment but sometimes the moment isn’t working out.  Sometimes the moment drags on for a week and I wonder when the next moment is coming.

All this made me realise something though.  Sometimes you get so caught up in the moment that it causes you more harm then any good.  It’s good to get that bigger picture every now and then if not all the time.  Being in the bigger picture is just as important as being in the moment.  Look at the big picture and see where your life is heading, plan out the path you want to get that will lead you to your goals and then jump into the moment of living and enjoying your life.  It’s important to be in the moment but out of the moment at the same time.


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