Adult Class Sample Lesson Jobs

Stretch 1 unit 1


musician, actor, web designer, tour guide, salesperson, chef, dentist, accountant

  1. Who likes maths and is good with money?
  2. Who using computers and knows how to make things look nice?
  3. Who plays on a stage for money?
  4. Who do you go to when you have a sore tooth?
  5. Who works in a kitchen and makes food for customers?
  6. Who knows a lot about history and shows people a lot of places?
  7. Who do you got to if you want to buy something?
  8. Who pretends to be a kings, heroes, or villains on stage or behind the camera?


What job are they talking about?

Do they like their jobs?


Listen to their conversation:

We show interest with phrases like:

Oh really?

Oh, that’s interesting.


We do this so that the speaker knows we are interested in the conversation topic.

For homework I set some tasks on the online service. Please go to your course on




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