My Dad’s Birthday

Today was my dad’s birthday. He turned 80 years old. Every year I have often wondered what to buy him. This year was very easy. My father loves movies however he has every channel you can get and can watch almost anything. The question for me then was what could you get that he can’t just watch on TV. The answer was obvious.

For years my dad has told us about his favourite movies. They are Carlton Browne of the f.o, and the Mouse that Roared. Both of these are Peter Sellers’ movies. He has often said that they are the funniest movies he has ever watched. I bought them on DVD from Amazon and sent them to him. I wish I could go back to Australia watched these movies with him.

What is the funniest movie you’ve ever seen?

Here is the trailer for Carlton Browne of the F.O.

And the mouse that roared:



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