Wednesday Adult Class Week 4 July 2018

Today’s topic was the perks companies offer their employees.

First we discussed what is the work-life of a typical Japanese company?

Here is what we had:


difficult to read?

Here is what we said:

What is the work-life of a typical Japanese company?
insert timecard have a morning meeting write documents do radio exercises
check the post turn on the compuater greet people eat lunch
send fax copy documents meet customers talk to customers
send emails call people deliver products clean the office
drink coffee/tea make products

We learnt a new word; perks.

A perk of a job means the services a company gives its workers. For example, use of a company car, a company mobile phone, free coffee and tea, a place to sleep.

Here is a list of perks you can find in Japanese companies.


Japanese company perks
company cafeteria company trips health check end of year party
company car free phone paid holidays childcare

Finally we could watch a video on the perks the company Google gives it’s employees.



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