High school sample lesson: Business culture


次の3つの説明をお読みください。 アメリカ人、中国人、ドイツ人のどれですか?

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  • firm (adjective) 固い
  • personal space (noun) パーソナルスペース
  • indirect (adjective) 間接
  • punctuality (noun) 時間厳守
  • agenda (noun) 議題
  • get to the point (phrase)要点をつかむ


img033 (6).jpg


What do you think about American (US) business culture?

What do you like about it? Why?

What don’t you like about it? Why?

Business Culture In China


lose face (verbal phrase) 面子を失う

For example: I didn’t have my business card for the big meeting so I lost face in front of my new business contact.

img034 (11).jpg

Questions about Japanese culture:

How do Japanese people do business?

Are they direct or indirect?

Do they make small talk?

Do they mind if you stand close to them?

Are they friendly?

Do meetings have a set starting time and end time?

Is there a set agenda (plan) for meetings?

What do the offices look like? Is it an open floor plan or cubicles?

Does the boss have an open door policy (you can talk to them anytime about anything) or a closed door policy?

Which of the following countries is most like Japanese business culture; American (the US), German or Chinese?



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